For flat products, with bottling speeds from 8,000 up to 80,000 bph.

Available in 3 different versions: glass, PET, cans.

NORA is the family of machines dedicated to filling flat products, at temperatures up to 85°C.
It is available in two different versions for processing PET and GLASS containers.
A KOMBI PG version is also available which can handle both glass and PET containers.

NORA can be supplied with three different types of filling valves:
1. gravity, with standard mechanical filling valve.
2. gravity, with electro-pneumatic filling valve.
3. low or high vacuum, to treat medium – high density products.
Possibility of having a product recirculation system for hot filling (up to 85°C).

NORA can be coupled in a single monobloc with: rotary rinsers with cold or hot water (simple or double treatment) or simple blowers with filtered or sterile air.
It can be coupled with aluminum screw cap cappers, crown caps, screw and/or pressure plastic caps.

NORA can also be supplied in the ULTRACLEAN version to treat particularly sensitive products and/or in particularly difficult environmental conditions.

The range of NORA machines satisfies productions from 8,000 to over 80,000 containers/hour.