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Sara G / NH - HF


Sara represents our counter pressure filling machine family;
An automatic rotary machine ,suitable for still and carbonated liquids filling , in PET or Glass containers.

For PET filling , the machine is supplyed with "Neck Handling" device (NH) : This special device allows the filler to move bottles by hlding them by the neck ,without requiring any stars replacement.

For Glass filling (G version) , the machine will be supplyed with lifting jaks from below , as well as transfer stars and incoming augers.

If the customer needs to fill both PET & Glass bottles , the machine will be supplied with removable lifting jacks , that if necessary they'll be removed and replaced with NH system 

Main features
- Base with lower structure and stainless steel perimeter. Carbon steel end table, worked on machine tools, covered with a stainless steel sheet. On request, the base can be supplied completely in stainless steel, with a tilted upper surface.

- Carousel gear with a diameter equal to the primitive diameter of the filling section.
- The gears are alternatively steel and plastic material in order to reduce noise, increase the duration and eliminate maintenance.
- Filling valves in stainless steel AISI 316. Other parts in contact with the product in AISI 304 or suitable for food liquids.
- In special execution, the machine can be set up to fill hot liquids (juice).

Machine Flexibility
Thanks to the Sara project flexibility, Corfill International is able to supply the filler in different configurations: Free standing (filler alone) Monoblock (filler and capper) Triblock (rinser , filler and capper) Quadriblock (rinser, piston filler, filler, capper) Multiblock (rinser, filler, with more than one capping turret).

Multiple Configurations
Sara HF (COMBI) is a special Sara version, which can also be qualified for the Hot Filling, working within a wide range of temperature from 0-18 (Cold Fill) up to 95°C (Hot Fill). Sara HF COMBI is our technical proposal for all those Customers who are looking to cover a wide portion of the market with only one machine, proposing: classic CSD, water or Juice and Ice Tea (both produced without preservatives). Working up to 95°C, with full recycling system, Sara HF (COMBI) avoids risk of product damage, waste of contamination.

Filling Speed
From 3.000 up to 80.000 bph is the family range of speed.

Temperature Range
From 0  - 18°C up to 95° C

NH = Neck Handling

Filling Type
HF = Hot Filling

Type of containers