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Flow Meter Filling Machine


XENIA represents our flow meter filling machine family.

The flow meter technology applied to Xenia, guarantees the possibility to fill the product with no contact between the filling nozzle and the container, with evident cleaning advantages.
The filling valve accuracy is guaranteed by the use of the most modern electronic instruments, integrated with a sophisticated design and customized software.
From 3.000 up to 80.000 bph ranges the speed of XENIA filler family.
XENIA  can handle all the 3 main containers currently on the market: PET (XENIA NH), GLASS (XENIA G), CAN (XENIA  C).
XENIA  is proposed in many different technological versions:
The products which can be treated, with the XENIA family fillers are:

  • Mineral water
  • Juices
  • Wines
  • Liqueurs
  • Edible oil
  • Ice Tea
  • Dairy

The range of temperature for the products filling is from ambient up to 98°C.
Thanks to the XENIA  project flexibility, we can propose the filler in different configurations:

  • Free standing (filler alone).
  • Monoblock (filler and capper).
  • Triblock (rinser , filler and capper).
  • Quadriblock (rinser, piston filler, filler, capper).
  • Multiblock (rinser, filler, with more than one capping turret).