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Nora G / NH - HF


The "NORA" HF gravity filler is an automatic rotary machine suitable for filling flat liquids in glass and / or PET containers in HOT FILLING

For the filling of PET bottles only, the machine is "Neck Handling" (NH) with handling of the bottles from the neck, without the need for replacing the stars.

For the filling of glass bottles in combination with PET bottles, the machine will be equipped with bottle lifting jacks that, if you had to work with PET bottles, would be replaced by the "NECK HANDLING" application.

For filling only glass bottles ("G" version) the machine will be equipped with bottom-up bottles jacks, as well as relative transfer stars and input auger.

The machine can be supplied both in single execution and in monobloc with rinser and / or capping machine.

Main features
- Base with lower structure and stainless steel perimeter. Carbon steel end table, worked on machine tools, covered with a stainless steel sheet. On request, the base can be supplied completely in stainless steel, with a tilted upper surface.
- Carousel gear with a diameter equal to the primitive diameter of the filling section.
- The gears are alternatively steel and plastic material in order to reduce noise, increase the duration and eliminate maintenance.
- Filling valves in stainless steel AISI 316. Other parts in contact with the product in AISI 304 or suitable for food liquids.

Machine Flexibility
Nora G / NH - HF is available in 5 different technological versions: Gravity as a standard mechanical filling machine, for still products, ambient and hot fill (up to 98°) Gravity with electro pneumatic control of the product recycling, for hot fill temperature (up to 98°) Gravity with low or high vacuum, to treat high density products at ambient temperature or hot temperature Gravity with low pressure added (up to 0.5 Bars), to treat light sparking products Gravity ultraclean, this special machine version is suitable to fill in safe and clean conditions all those sensible products exposed to the external contamination.

Multiple Configurations
Due to the Nora machine range flexibility, Corfill International is able to offer the filler in 5 different configurations: Free standing (filler alone) Monoblock (filler and capper) Triblock (rinser , filler and capper) Quadriblock (rinser, piston filler, filler, capper) Multiblock (rinser, filler, with more than one capping turret).

Type of containers